Mikes Mustang Facts & Photos    My first website, devoted to Classic Mustangs.
        Emerson Mustang.com    Another early site built for a clients Mustang restoration business.
        JoeRudy.net    The infamous "Joe Rudy.net" portfolio site, belonging to another fellow Disney web designer.
        Western Light    A photography gallery focusing on west coast hiking and mountain climbing.
        Atomic Idea.com    Some Disney comrades showing off their flash design skills.
        Planet Mina    Mina's international world of friends and happenings.
        ZingInteractive.com    A premiere web design site by a former Disney designer gone solo.
        NomadRocks.com    Webpage for local Los Angeles band.
        Skyberlink.com    Sri Lanka's premier web design company.
        GlenFlowers.com    Glen's online presence, complete with movies!